Mally Jones honored by GMA at Bobbitt's Auto in Salem NJ :

Tues. April 24, 2018 Salem, NJ- Mally Jones, age 90 and formally a founding member of the Salem County Country Gospel music group “The King’s County Men,” was honored tonight at the recently revived Bobbitt’s Tuesday Bible Studies at Bobbitt Auto on Rt. 49 between Salem City and Quinton. John Keith Davis, a local Gospel musician from Salem, presented Mally with a framed proclamation from the Gospel Music Association in Nashville, TN. Davis read the proclamation which outlined Mally’s musical biography and accomplishments as a regional Gospel musician with an emphasis on his 30 years of service with The King’s Country Men. For more information see the contents of the award printed below these pictures from the evening.
1.Mally receiving the award   ...                                                       
2.-3.Telling about the "Good Old" times     ...                                  
4.With his wife, Eppie                                                                                                                                             ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

WHEREAS, Mally Jones learned to sing, starting at the age of 3, as his mother played songs like “O Where, O Where has my Little Dog Gone” to him on her piano, and

WHEREAS, Mally Jones, at the age of 6, impulsively jumped up on a YMCA stage in his childhood hometown of Connellsville, PA even though he wasn’t part of the show that evening and was both “frozen” and “stage struck” until his mother came and rescued him, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones in or around 1962 became curious about a revival movement that had begun in at the Presbyterian Church in Salem, NJ where he had relocated and begun raising his own family with his wife Eppie, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones, at that time, influenced by the ministry of Pastor Chuck Murray and joining one of the new prayer and fellowship groups that had sprung up in Salem gave his heart to Christ and began singing with and then playing the upright bass for fellow believer and guitarist John Bobbitt, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and John Bobbitt in 1968 were invited to play at a Bluegrass Gospel Night at a Community Church in Elmer, NJ and met Warren Purdy who sang baritone and played lead guitar and his brother, Andy, who sang tenor and played banjo, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and the other three men decided to play together for a while behind the Community Church there in Elmer after that concert and found that “something clicked,” and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and the others all agreed that night to form the Country Gospel Group to be known as “The King’s Country Men,” and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” practiced weekly from 1968 to 1997, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” in their nearly 30 years together performed over 1,400 concerts for churches and at Country Gospel Music festivals in the Greater Delaware Valley at their own expense and without charging a set fee, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” released 4 independent Country Gospel LP’s, each being professionally recorded and having a local distribution of approximately 500 copies, namely: Someone Up in Heaven (1971), The Sweetest Songs We Know (1973), The King’s Country Men (1975), and finally The King’s Country Men II (1977), and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” developed stirring versions of many Country Gospel favorites such as “I heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer” and originals such as Andy Purdy’s “Please Mister” and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” became regular performers at the “Shindig in the Barn” concerts in Lancaster PA where they opened for and had the opportunity to meet Dolly Parton, The Goodmans, and many other top Country Gospel performers, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones and “The King’s Country Men” comforted and inspired local and regional audiences, church congregations, and other Gospel musicians for 29 years, and

WHEREAS Mally Jones has remained active in Christian music ministries and served his Church, Community, and Family faithfully throughout his life,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Gospel Music Association of Nashville, TN here records its appreciation to Mally Jones for his part in the success of the Southern New Jersey Gospel Group “The King’s Country Men” and his dedication to the art and ministry of Gospel Music.

Jackie Patillo, President and Executive Director       Dated February 2018               
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