Notes on the Book of Job

by John Keith Davis

Study Index

Chapter One: "Job's Fears and Satan's Cynicism"  3/23/09

Chapter Two: "The Great Divide"  6/30/09

Chapter Three: "Sorrows of Suffering"  9/29/09

Chapter Four-Five: "The Errors of Eliphaz"  12/27/09

Chapter Six: "Walking in Job's Shoes"  3/25/10

Chapter Seven: "The Deal Breaker"  6/29/10

Chapter Eight: "Seduction of False Hope"  9/26/10

Chapter Nine: "Open and Honest"  12/30/10

Chapter Ten: "Confusion and Despair"  3/29/11

Chapter Eleven: "Dark Truth"  6/30/11

Chapter Twelve: "Testimony of Suffering- Pt. 1"  9/30/11

Chapter Thirteen: "Testimony of Suffering- Pt. 2"  12/27/11

Chapter Fourteen: "Stolen Hope"  3/31/1

Chapter Fifteen: "Angry and Still Wrong"  6/30/12

Chapter Sixteen: "Confusion becomes Clarity"  9/30/12

Chapter Seventeen: "Finding a Blessing in the Pain"  12/30/12

Chapter Eighteen: "A Dark Vision"  3/31/13

Chapter Nineteen: "Job Rallies Again"  6/30/13

Chapter Twenty: "Holy Hogwash"  9/30/13

Chapter Twenty-One: "New Rules"  12/28/13

Chapter Twenty-Two: "Another Misstep"  3/31/14

Chapter Twenty-Three: "Seeking and Searching"  6/25/14

Chapter Twenty-Four: "True Lot of the Unrighteous"  9/30/14

Chapter Twenty-Five to Twenty-Six: "Common Ground"  12/31/14

Chapter Twenty-Seven: "Job's False Confession"  3/26/15

Chapter Twenty-Eight: "The Search for Wisdom"  6/26/15

Chapter Twenty-Nine: "Who Needs the Gospel?"  9/27/15

Chapter Thirty: "In the Light of Humiliation"  12/31/15

Chapter Thirty-One: "Job Reverts to Works & Rewards"  3/28/16

Chapter Thirty-Two: "Youth, Energy, and Anger"  6/30/16

Chapter Thirty-Three: "Pretendeing to be Jesus"  9/26/16

Chapter Thirty-Four: "Friend or Foe?"  12/31/16

Chapter Thirty-Five: "Elihu's Delusion"  3/31/17

Chapter Thirty-Six: "Elihu Continues"  6/30/17

Chapter Thirty-Seven: "Elihu Concludes"  9/30/17

Chapter Thirty-Eight: "The Lord Answers Job"  12/31/17

Chapter Thirty-Nine: "The Swagger of God" 3/31/18

Chapter Forty:  "Put Up or Shut Up" 6/30/18

Chapter Forty-One: "From the Dark Waters" 9/30/18

Chapter Forty-Two: "Conclusion" 12/31/18