Original Works of John Keith Davis:

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Nine Odes to Christ
(for orchestra and male chorus, ongoing project...)
if you are associated with an orchestra that is interested and available for a premier performance of any of these pieces as they are completed, please contact: 

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Part One: "Ancient Shadows" 
I. Melchisedec - "King of Salem"
lyrics ...listen to this computer generated excerpt (using Sibelius software)

II. Isaac -  "Laughter"

III. Joshua - "The Lord Will Save"

Part Two: "Early Fruit"
IV. "The Conversion of Nicodemus"
lyrics...listen to this computer generated excerpt (using Sibelius software)

V. "The Conversion of Saint Peter"


VI. "The Conversion of Saint Paul"   


Gospel Songs: sound files of some songs, guitar solo, & recorder arrangements are available in the Scrapbook and at the CD Pages

"Panting Hart Songs"  -  Scripture Songs for baritone and guitar  -  a collection of seven songs

"Songs of Calvary and Love"  -  Spiritual Songs for baritone and guitar  -  a collection of eight songs

"Songs of the Victory"  -  Spiritual Songs for baritone and guitar  -  a collection of eight songs

"Your King"  -  an original Christmas Song from a collection of original vocal and instrumental arrangements by the same title

"More Love"  -  Spiritual Songs for baritone and guitar  - still in progress

"More Christmas"  -  new Christmas Song collection - still in progress

Song Cycle: "Ecclesia"

Song Cycle: "Faith"

Guitar Cylce: "True Vine Suite"

& Various original arrangements for baritone and guitar, solo guitar, tenor recorder and clavier, and tenor recorder solo (often on traditional hymns)



The Abrogation of Musica Ficta in the Missa Papae Marcelli of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina - Written in 1979-1980 as a Master's Thesis in Music History at Western Illinois University.  This work proved  to be "too controversial" for my advisors and I subsequently left the university without  a degree.  They actually refused to even read it.  This was written just prior to my conversion to Christianity later in 1980.

Spiritual Thoughts (1989-1993)  -  My personal journal for these years is overall upbeat, but it's not all about the  victories.

Ten Year Bible Journey (1999-2008)  -  Collection of Bible Studies currently available on line: 

Table of Contents.

Notes on the Book of Job (2008-2018) - Study of the first Book of the Bible that was ever written down:

Table of Contents


Musical Instruction:

Musical Mechanics  -  I went back and compiled and organized much of what I'd learned in over 30 years about this wonderful soul language called music.  Covers topics from tuning a guitar to best ranges for orchestral instruments.

Scale Patterns for Classical Guitarists  -  a simple, but unique, one-page guide that continues to genuinely benefit my playing and could help yours too.

Advanced Scale Patterns for Classical Guitarists  -  another one-page guide that extends the cycle of scale patterns above to starting tonic notes located on all six strings in any fingerboard position.